Driveways, patios, fencing and exterior home improvement ideas

This site features articles written by professionals aimed at giving you advice on patio, driveway, fencing and garden design ideas. The content has been complied from fencing and paving contractors to give you tips that you might not find elsewhere. You can use the search box to find specific solutions or start browsing through the ‘Recent Posts’ menu.

Included in the website you will find pages about patios, such as patio furniture, patio heaters and patio design ideas. We look at all aspects from laying patio pavers, to cleaning patios, to the little extras like a new patio umbrella or table set.

The driveways category features the best driveway materials, driveway gates, driveway sealing and much more. Again we cover everything from choosing the best driveway contractor, to what is the cheapest driveway option, to driveway cleaning. Then you may want to consider future extras like a driveway alarm.

We cover fencing in detail with articles on picket fences, vinyl fencing, fencing supplies etc… We look the the different types you might need such as privacy fencing, security fencing, electric fencing, wood panels, wire fencing and more. Fencing supplies advice is also offered.

Although not a gardening site, we do look at garden furniture, garden sets, garden lights and much more. There are often garden improvements that can be carried out when a paving contractor is working at your home. It makes sense therefore to include these extras like garden storage sheds and garden design ideas. Also other home improvement ideas will be looked at such as cleaning and treating your roof.

garden and patio design ideas

This site has been made to provide a one stop resource for exterior home improvements. This starts with choosing which materials to use for a project and how to pick the best contractor for the job. Because this site has input from contractors we have some insider advice which will help you get the best job for the right price. We can also advise on the best materials too, for example using Indian sandstone paving is far cheaper than using local travertine paving on a patio.

There are so many people that get taken advantage of when it comes to this kind of work. We want to provide a helpful service so that you can make informed decisions. There is nothing worse than that feeling of being ripped off by a paving contractor or any other type for that matter. Contractors are often good people but there are some bad eggs, and we want you to avoid them. Getting a patio, driveway or fencing done badly will leave you feeling regretful, or you can pay for the job again. Avoid this by following our guides and you will learn how to choose the best materials and contractors. You can easily find a contractor by searching on Google with service required followed by location, for example driveways Manchester or roof cleaning Manchester.

Once you have found a company in your area, look for reviews online. Always get a few quotes as prices and service can vary a lot. You might consider a window installation or other home improvements while designing your patio. This way you can get everything done at once to minimize disruption.

Welcome to my small website to help you with home improvement ideas. My experience as a home owner and paving contractor has led to the creation of this resource.