Driveway Cleaning and Patio Cleaning

Driveway cleaning is a fairly simple task but it can also be boring and time consuming. It is certainly something that you can do yourself but companies offering the service are often very good value. Pressure washers can be bought in all home improvement stores. Some are extremely cheap but they are very weak. The high powered spray of water in the cheaper models is really for washing a car. Trying to do a large path can take forever using one of these machines. In fact many people give up half way through or don’t spray consistently which makes a mess of the surface.

For best results invest in a better machine that will do the work in a faster time for your driveway cleaning and patio cleaning. It should also be noted that pressure washing concrete repeatedly will eventually wear the surface away. On pattern imprinted concrete surfaces or ornamental paving, this will take the face off leaving an ugly exposed aggregate which will get dirtier faster and faster the more it is exposed to the high power spray. Even natural stone surfaces will suffer as the grouting in the joints will come out.

Once the area is cleaned it is a great idea to apply a sealant. This will cut down the need for future harmful pressure washing. Sealants for concrete and stone hard standings come in a variety of styles. It is best to buy a driveway sealer which will not give the surface a shine, although those ones can bring out the colours well. Applying a paving sealer is easy, just apply with a normal clean sweeping brush in a circular motion to ensure the whole surface is covered.

Driveway cleaning is the same as patio cleaning, however be aware than many patio pavers aren’t as strong. This means you may not need to use so much force with a pressure washer. To find a company in your area just do a search online for example driveway cleaning Cheshire. This is what I did for Cheshire in the UK and came up with this company, there will be similar services in your area.